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Our History
Every church has a story. Our Redeemer is no exception.
On November 31, 1941, the cornerstone was laid in a field next to a gravel road that would soon be named, "Luther Lane." The current campus, at the corner of Park Lane and Boedeker Drive, is the church's third building and second location in sixty-seven years.

Since the laying of that foundation, Our Redeemer has continued to be a community that has served the Lord. Our services are traditional. While worshiping, you feel a sense of history and the communion with others before you who have worshiped this same way for centuries. But even though our services have remained virtually unchanged, we are not out of touch with the world. The sermons relate to the world today and our people are welcoming and approachable.

For its fiftieth anniversary, Our Redeemer enlisted Peggy Klenk Hines, charter member of the church, to write a history, complete with photographs of the facilities and people down the years. The booklet, entitled, "The Life of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and Its People: 1941-1991," may be read here..